About Us

Founded by Nikki Price, a personal stylist and event producer from London.  Stylish Little Things was born out of a love for creating beautiful, simple, stylish things.  We specialise in beautifully minimal gift boxes and candles.

We believe in showing respect for our bodies and this amazing planet. That's why we source our products as ethically and sustainably as possible. This means sourcing locally where we can and supporting the little guys whose values align with ours.  

All of our candles are hand poured in Sydney using the finest natural soy and coconut waxes and high quality fragrances. We draw our inspiration from nature and all the simple pleasures in life.

We know the little things make big differences.  That's why we love the concept of paying it forward. Buying someone an unexpected cup of coffee, sending a gift to a friend who needs a little TLC, smiling at a stranger…. just making people feel awesome.  Kindness is pretty cool. 

Our mission is to bring a little happiness and inspiration everyday.

Enjoy x